World Tang Soo Do Association Studio Sites

World Tang Soo Do Association

WTSDA Studios (US)

Region 1 - Northern Pacific U.S., Hawaii
WTSDA Region 1 Site
Dragon Fire Tang Soo Do (facebook)
Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do
Evergreen Tang Soo Do Academy
Family Tang Soo Do
Family Tang Soo Do (Facebook)
Fitness Fanatics
Paresh Martial Arts
Roseburg Martial Arts Academy
Tahoe City Tang Soo Do
TEAM Martial Arts Academy (Facebook)

Region 2 - Arizona, Colorada, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico
WTSDA Region 2 Site
Arrowhead Tang Soo Do
Master Williamson's Tang Soo Do Academics
Pacini Martial Arts Academy

Region 3 - Iowa, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming
WTSDA Region 3 Site
Family Tang Soo Do
Family Tang Soo Do (Facebook)
MG-Karate Institute
Range Martial Arts
Yennie Martial Arts

Region 4 - Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas
WTSDA Region 4
Austin Karate Academy
Barron's Karate
Gateway Tang Soo Do Club
Karate Masters
Karate Masters (Facebook)
Texas Tang Soo Do
Y.T. Tang Soo Do

Region 5 - Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin
WTSDA Region 5 Site
Andersons Karate
Byeonhwa Tang Soo Do
Byeonhwa Tang Soo Do (Facebook)
Carthage Tang Soo Do
Carthage Tang Soo Do (Facebook)
Double Dragons Tang Soo Do Academy
Eagle Academy of Martial Arts
Eagle Academy (Facebook)
Elmhurst Tang Soo Do Karate
Elmhust Tang Soo Do (Facebook)
Grand Tradition Martial Arts - Linden
Grand Traditions Martial Arts - Livonia (Facebook)
Grand Tradition Martial Arts - Plymouth
Knights of Tang Soo Do (Facebook)
Knights of Tang Soo Do (Valpo Site)
Oakbrook Terrace Karate Club
True Balance Karate Institute (Facebook)
True Balance Karate Institute
Twin Eagle Martial Arts
Twin Eagle Martial Arts (Facebook)
Villa Park Tang Soo Do
Villa Park Tang Soo Do (Facebook)

Region 6 - Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Western Tennessee
WTSDA Region 6 Site(Facebook)
East Mississippi Tang Soo Do(Facebook)
Millers North Alabama Tang Soo Do
Oak Mountain Martial Arts
Strahan's Karate Center
Tucker's Tang Soo Do
Young Tang Soo Do

Region 7 - Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Eastern Tennesee, Virginia, West Virginia
WTSDA Region 7 Site
Capital Tang Soo Do
Causby Karate Academy
Chapel Hill Tang Soo Do
Chapin Tang Soo Do
Charleston Area Karate (Facebook)
Commonwealth Tang Soo Do
Creekside Martial Arts
Gilreath Karate Studio
Moo Son Tang Soo Do
Morning Star Tang Soo Do
Scota Karate Academy
Twin Dragons Martial Arts & Fitness

Region 8 - Delaware, Eastern PA, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Maryland
WTSDA Region 8
Anani Tang Soo Do(Facebook)
Arteca's Martial Arts & Fitness
Bethlehem Martial Arts Academy(Facebook)
Brandywine Martial Arts Academy
C&J's Mountain Warriors Karate Institute(Facebook)
Chosen Martial Arts Academy(Facebook)
East Coast Karate Institute
Elite Martial Arts Institute
Impact Martial Arts
Iron Circle Martial Arts
Jae Nam Training Academy
Korean Martial Arts Institute
Lititz World Tang Soo Do
Main Line Tang Soo Do
Mimidis Karate
Nate Gordons Black Belt Academy
New York City Tang Soo Do
Northern Star Karate
Pal Che Tang Soo Do
Rising Phoenix Tang Soo Do
Robinson's Martial Arts Institute
Springville Tang Soo Do
Star Karate School
Tang Soo Do Karate Academy
Vaughn's Dojang

Region 9 - Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
WTSDA Region 9 Site
Beaudoin Academy of Karate
Costa's Tang Soo Do
Haney's Academy of Karate
J. C. Karate
Porco's Karate Academy
Tang Soo Do of Central New York
T's Karate
Valentin Karate
Woodbury Family Karate

Region 20 - Southern California
WTSDA Region 20 Site
Allied Garden Tang Soo Do Karate
Caltech Tang Soo Do Club
Coastal Canyon Tang Soo Do
M.A.S. Tang Soo Do
Tang Soo Do Karate Institute
United States Karate Academy

Region 21 - Georgia, Florida
WTSDA Region 21
Central Florida Tang Soo Do
Middleburg Martial Arts
Rock Solid Karate
Suncoast Tang Soo Do
The Dojang
Treasure Coast Tang Soo Do

Region 22 - Western PA, Ohio
WTSDA Region 22
A Mountain Wind Martial Arts
Buckeye Tang Soo Do
Columbus Tang Soo Do Academy
D.J. Studios Karate
Hidden Tiger Tang Soo Do
Imperial Dragon Tang Soo Do
Johnstown Tang Soo Do
Josefik's Korean Tang Soo Do
Keystone Martial Arts
Penn State Martial Arts Group
River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy
Rivers Edge Martial Arts(Facebook)
Steel Dragons Martial Arts
Summers Martial Arts
All of the above sites are World Tang Soo Do Association studios in the US with web sites that I am aware of. Please send me any corrections or additions and I will be glad to update this list.

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